Hidden Reasons for Pain in your Dog


There may be some hidden reasons that are contributing to your dogs pain. Check out the following list and see if there are any culprits that may be affecting your dog. Many of these issues

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Veteran Discount


We Apprecaite Your Service! This Deal is Just for You! We love our Veterans here at Tails! As our way to say thanks, we offer a 50% OFF discount for all veterans (tails or no

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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Dogs


Wondering if chiropractic care could help your pup? Check out these amazing benefits. Did you know your dogs could greatly benefit from chiropractic care? It's true! Just like humans, pets require a healthy spine to

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10 Tips to Improve Your Pet’s Health


Check out these 10 tips to improve your pet's health. Little changes can go a long way in helping your pet be as happy and healthy as possible. *Please consult your veterinarian before adding any

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Howliday Special


>Are you looking for a unique gift idea for the animal lover in your life or for your favorite four legged friend? We are currently offering a great Howliday Special to help your fur babies

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5 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Chiropractor


Your dog has a chiropractor? It is not as crazy as it sounds. There are numerous reasons why regular chiropractic care can significantly improve the quality of life for your dog. Here are the top

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The Dog Pawlour


We are so excited to be offering Chiropractic Wellness Visits at The Dog Pawlour! Starting July 15th, your pup will now be able to get a little tune-up after doggy day care or their grooming

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