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Improve Your Pet’s Life
with Animal Chiropractic

Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical Approach to Total Wellness

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Improving Pet Mobility

Is your older dog or cat having trouble getting around, lost the spring in their step, and hesitant to jump or move like they used to?

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Pain Relief Chiropractic

Your little furry friend may be in pain and discomfort due to their misaligned spine. We’re experts at pet spinal adjustments geared to relieve pain.

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Keeping Pets Active

Is your dog or cat enjoying an active lifestyle? If so, let’s keep them in their best pysical shape so that they can continue to enjoy life!

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Advanced Chiropractic Care for your Pets in Colorado

Located in Boulder, Windsor & Fort Collins, Colorado, Tails Animal Chiropractic Care was established by experienced chiropractor and animal lover, Dr Alisha Barnes to serve the healthcare needs of pets.

Just like humans, dogs and cats need chiropractic care to address injuries and provide pain relief, as well as improve their overall flexibility and mobility. Our practice focuses on both preventative care, as well as healing, so regardless of your pet’s state of health, our affordable and highly effective, gentle and caring service is perfect to improve your dog or cat’s health and longevity.

If your dog or cat lacks mobility or range of motion, and seems to be in pain, please consider Tails Animal Chiropractic.  While some animal experts may quickly recommend surgery as a solution, we are pretty sure we can address the root cause of their pain using gentle and highly effective pet chiropractic care.

Contact us today to learn if animal chiropractic is right for your pet, or to set up an appointment today.

Dr Alisha Barnes - animal chiropractor

Conditions Treated for Dogs and Cats

Providing gentle, non-invasive, effective, and lasting relief.

  • Gait Abnormalities
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Back Pain & Neck Pain Relief

  • Limping and Lameness
  • Stiffness & Tension

  • Strength & Stamina

  • Regain Mobility & Energy

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Jaw Pain

Our Process

Helping your four-legged friends feel their very best.

Pet Chiropractor - Step 1 of 4

Review X-rays

We’ll work with your vet to get the necessary x-rays so that we can better understand the issues with your pet’s spine.

Pet Chiropractor - Step 2 of 4

Do a Full Exam

We’ll examine your furry friend from head to toe to fully understand what is causing her pain or mobility issues, then come up with a plan.

Pet Chiropractor - Step 3 of 4


It’s time for adjustments! Depending on the severity of her problem, she may have to come back for one or several weeks to get results.

Pet Chiropractor - Step 4 of 4


With her immediate issues resolved, we’ll want to see your furry friend one a regular basis to make sure she’s always in tip-top shape!

Ready to improve your pet’s health? Our animal chiropractor can help.

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a happy woman is hugging her pet after dog chiropractic care treatment

A Gentle Loving Touch

Animal chiropractic is safe and effective for animals suffering from common conditions such as limping, trouble jumping, stiff movement, jaw pain, joint pain or overall poor performance. Like people, your pets understand the healing power of the human touch and its ability to eliminate the aches and pains they’ve picked up through their lives. A gentle and effective approach will ensure that your pet is calm and at ease while the treatment is given. Dr. Barnes works with your veterinarian to offer your animal the best care possible.

a happy dog after chiropractic care treatment

Best Care Available Anywhere

Has your pet had problems getting up and down? Competed in athletic events? Been anesthetized for surgery? Experienced any reoccurring conditions? Had seizures or neurological problems? Is your pet over seven years of age? Gone longer than a year without chiropractic evaluation? Had behavioral or mood changes? We can help! The care we give is backed by the highest quality in board certified animal chiropractic education and up-to-date research to ensure your animal gets the best care available.

veterinary chiropractor is holding a dog

Yes, We’ll Travel for You

In an effort to make care as convenient and accessible as possible, we travel to different veterinary clinics in Colorado. Locations include Broadway Animal Hospital in Boulder, Front Range Veterinary Clinic & Animals in Motion in Fort Collins, and Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists in Windsor, Colorado.

This allows you to choose the location that works best for you; saving your time and sanity.

a sweet puppy in animal chiropractor's hand

Wagging Tails, Happy Owners

Happy dogs are healthy dogs! Get your favorite running partner back with chiropractic care. We will improve how your dog moves and how their body functions. Our goal is to help prevent future injuries and help your pet recover from any existing ones with the best care possible.

Check out our Testimonials page to see what our clients are saying about pet chiropractic care with Dr. Alisha Barnes!

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Tails Animal Chiropractic Care

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