Chiropractor for PetsDoes it hurt for my dog to get adjusted?

Not at all. We try to be very gentle so that your pet is as comfortable as possible. Depending on how much pain your dog is in, some adjustments can be a bit tender but we focus on gentle techniques to alleviate as much discomfort as possible.

What does an adjustment do?

When we evaluate your pet, we are looking for joints that are not moving properly, overall body alignment, tight and tender muscles, and poor nerve function. We then adjust the joint to return full range of motion. This can reduce pain, improve nerve function, reduce muscle tightness and reduce further wear and tear on the joints. Chiropractic care is whole body in nature in that by keeping the spine moving properly, we can help improve overall wellbeing.

How long does an adjustment last?

Treatment times usually range from 20-30 minutes depending on the dog and how many adjustments are needed.

What should I do following an adjustment?

When your dog gets adjusted, their parasympathetic nervous system is activated. This causes a rest and digest response. As a result, your pet may be very sleepy after their treatment. It is important to give them time to rest with access to plenty of water for 24 hours after their adjustment. It is not recommended that they go to the dog park or perform in any major sporting events for that 24 hour period. However, light walks are just fine.

How many treatments does it take?

It depends on the injury and how long it has been since their last treatment. The good news is that dogs respond incredibly quickly to chiropractic care. Typically for an acute injury, 4-5 treatments are needed. Once a dog is recovered, many owners choose to do maintenance treatments about once per month or once per quarter to keep them feeling as happy and healthy as possible.

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Conditions Treated

Tails Animal Chiropractic Care has extensive experience in the following area:

• Back Pain • Neck Pain • Leg Pain • Tail Pain • Jaw Pain • Muscle Pain • Neurological Disorders • Trouble Rising • Event/Sports Injuries • Post Surgical Care

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    “Dr. Alisha is kindness to the core! She is an incredibly loving and gentle being. Her knowledge is immeasurable and I have, and will always, trust my entire family in the care of her hands.”

    Dr. Wilson, Montesano, Washington

    “I have been providing chiropractic care for my companion animal patients for almost 20 years. The ability to offer chiropractic care has allowed me to help structural conditions that here to for I could not have helped with traditional veterinary medicine.”

    Dr. Gene Giggleman, DVM, AVCA President

    “Hello Dr Alisha, I know nothing quite says it like a video of our happy dog playing like he is a puppy again after our visits with you, several months ago this is something we thought he would never do again. We figured age had set in and he would just steadily degrade like most older dogs do. But he has been given a chance to live happily and virtually pain free. It over joys us to see igloo, play and romp. I thought you would enjoy your work from our view and seeing it in action.”

    Jen Vermette, Fort Collins, Colorado

    “Dr. Alisha is amazing! With just one adjustment she relieved my 2-year-old black lab from intermittent incontinence… I’ve worked in the healthcare field with Chiropractors for over 20 years. Dr. Alisha is incredibly gifted and it was a pleasure watching her work with my lab. I was very impressed!”

    Elissa Viarengo, Fort Collins, Colorado

    “Dr. Alisha is by far the most professional, competent, attentive and caring chiropractor for dogs in North America. She truly cares about dogs and people, and it shows in her excellent work. Highly recommended.”

    Kevin Javid, Irvine, California

    A Gentle Loving Touch

    Animal chiropractic is safe and effective for animals suffering from common conditions such as limping, trouble jumping, stiff movement, jaw pain, joint pain or overall poor performance. Like people, your pets understand the healing power of the human touch and its ability to eliminate the aches and pains they’ve picked up through their lives. A gentle and effective approach will ensure that your pet is calm and at ease while the treatment is given. Dr. Barnes works with your veterinarian to offer your animal the best care possible.

    Best Care Available Anywere

    Has your pet had problems getting up and down? Competed in athletic events? Been anesthetized for surgery? Experienced any reoccurring conditions? Had seizures or neurological problems? Is your pet over seven years of age? Gone longer than a year without chiropractic evaluation? Had behavioral or mood changes? We can help! The care we give is backed by the highest quality in board certified animal chiropractic education and up-to-date research to ensure your animal gets the best care available.

    Yes, We’ll Travel for You

    In an effort to make care as convenient and accessible as possible, we travel to different veterinary clinics in Colorado. Locations include Broadway Animal Hospital in Boulder, Front Range Veterinary Clinic & Animals in Motion in Fort Collins, and Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists in Windsor, Colorado.

    This allows you to choose the location that works best for you; saving your time and sanity.

    Wagging Tails, Happy Owners

    Happy dogs are healthy dogs! Get your favorite running partner back with chiropractic care. We will improve how your dog moves and how their body functions. Our goal is to help prevent future injuries and help your pet recover from any existing ones with the best care possible.

    Check out our Testimonials page to see what our clients are saying about pet chiropractic care with Dr. Alisha Barnes!

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