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The Danger of GMO’s and Your Dog

We all know the dangers of GMO foods for ourselves and for our families but have we ever considered the impact Genetically Modified Foods can have on our four legged friends?

There is more and more evidence that is emerging about the danger of these foods and the impact that they can have on our health and the health of our pets.  A recent article in the Journal of Organic Systems found that pigs (which are physiologically similar to dogs) that are fed a diet of genetically modified corn and soy had higher rates of stomach inflammation.   Why does this matter? Stomach inflammation can lead to a condition called “leaky gut.”  The stomach and GI tract are major players in the immune system.  They often are the first line of defense against blocking any harmful organisms from entering the body. When this lining is inflamed, it can no longer act as a successful barrier leading to an “open door” for bacteria and viruses to enter the body. In the long term, this can lead to increased risk of cancer, reproductive problems, increased allergies and reduced health and lifespan.

Unfortunately, GM corn is a major component of most commercial dog foods and can be a silent culprit in many health issues plaguing our pets.  If your pet is suffering from allergies, lack of energy or chronic disease, a diet change may be just what the doctor ordered.  Dr. Silver DVM states: “I think that grain-free diets if they are also soy free and contain protein from animals not fed GM crops can help many dogs.”   Dr. Silver recently presented his paper “Genetically Modified Foods and Its Impact on Pet Health” at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

I love the old adage “Pay the farmer, not the pharmacist.” Simple diet changes and becoming more aware of the quality of food we feed our animals can be the best investment we could possibly make in keeping them as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

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