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happy dog after treating back pain by chiropractic care in Boulder, Windsor & Fort Collins, Colorado

When your dog is in pain, it can be overwhelming to find a solution that feels right for both you and them. Choosing the right veterinarian can leave you feeling drained emotionally and financially, but a vet visit may not be your only option as a pet owner. One option many pet owners don’t know is available to them is an animal chiropractor. When a dog has back pain, one of the leading causes is joint dysfunction. Pet Chiropractors look at the musculoskeletal system and how it affects the nervous system. For a pet that is experiencing pain from mobility issues, chiropractic care may be the best option. While a veterinarian may prescribe pain medication or surgery, an animal chiropractor can adjust your pet to relieve pain and help with mobility without invasive surgery or expensive medications. It is, however, crucial that you visit a veterinarian first to help diagnose what is wrong with your dog and ensure it can be fixed by a chiropractic adjustment. Think of the veterinarian and Chiropractor as the care team for your pet. They should work together to provide the best care for your pet.

When Veterinarian and Animal Chiropractor work together

A Veterinarian provides your pet with both wellness care and emergency care to fix a current health problem. They focus on fixing or relieving ailments with medication or medical surgery. Veterinarians deal with issues with a pet’s vital systems. A few things ( not limited to the following) that a pet owner should always contact a Veterinarian about first if they see them in their animal. Things like fever, lethargy, difficulty breathing, blood in urine or stool, not drinking water for 24 hours, unusual stool, vomiting, sudden weight loss, trauma and/or open wounds, hard swollen abdomen, seizures, potential contact with toxins or poison. Animal chiropractic care, just like its human counterpart, looks at the body as an integrated system and treats the underlying problem that is causing the symptoms your pet is feeling. If your pet needs chiropractic care, you will most likely notice mobility issues, stiffness, changes in mood, and other signs that they are in pain. Whether you bring your pet in for Chiropractic care to fix a health issue or for a regular wellness visit, the Chiropractor will look at how the musculoskeletal system impacts the nervous system. They will improve areas of joint dysfunction (where the joints are not moving correctly), to improve the systems that neurologically connect with that joint system.

At times your pet will need to mix veterinarian care and chiropractic care. Veterinarians will be able to rule out any other serious problems that may be causing your dog’s back pain and take x-rays that you can show to the Chiropractor if they find the issue is skeletal. Vets and chiropractors are both great resources of knowledge and care for your dog. Wellness checkups at both can help your dog stay healthy and mobile.

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