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5 Ways to Protect Your Pet’s Health in Autumn

As we move out of the warm summer months, you may be starting a new routine with your beloved furry friend. Even in mild climates, each season brings with it unique challenges to ensure that your pet’s health is protected. In summer, we ensure that your pet’s living space is cool and has complete access to water and plenty of shade. Now, as summer comes to a close, we prepare new strategies to ensure that your pet is comfortable and healthy in the fall. Read on to discover 5 ways to protect your pet’s health in Autumn!

1. Keep temperatures consistent.

As the weather cools off significantly, it’s important to focus on keeping your pet’s temperature consistent. This means keeping indoor temperatures stable (not overly warm, or letting it become to chilly) and helping to moderate your pet’s temperature when they’re exposed to the outdoors. If you go out on an evening walk, for example, be mindful of whether temperatures might dip unexpectedly in contrast to the warm summer months. Bring a coat or sweater for your furry friend if necessary, and always note whether they seem comfortable walking on the surface underneath your shoes, as cement and asphalt can range in temperature. Inside the house, keep temperatures consistent when possible. If you run a fireplace or other space heater, be mindful of how close your pet is getting.

2. Protect them from exposure to rodents, pests, and wildlife.

In Fall, it is common for rodents, pests, and other wildlife to attempt to make their way into your garden, or even into your home. Protect your furry friends from these intruders, particularly if they may be interested in chasing or catching them. Because so many homeowners are on guard for rodents, pests, and wildlife, there’s a chance that the invader may have already been exposed to pesticides, disease, or poison. You don’t want this to transfer to your pet. Instead, block openings in your home, place fences and gates around your property, have your home fumigated, etc.

3. Seek plenty of exercise.

It’s tempting when the weather cools down to bundle up and spend the majority of your time inside—and there’s nothing wrong with that! Whether you remain homebound or you prefer to continue venturing outdoors, it’s important to include exercise in your routine. Short, brisk walks, stretches with your pet, games, and playtime are invaluable components of a healthy lifestyle that will keep both you and your furry friend feeling your best as the weather cools down.

4. Get plenty of rest.

Your pet’s natural body rhythms are attuned to the seasons of your local home. Wherever you spend most of your time, your pet’s body, moods, and energy will be synchronized with your local climate and season. This means that as the days become shorter and colder, your pet is likely to seek out more rest. If you’d like to go the extra mile for your pet, it’s helpful to take these shifts into consideration and adjust your schedule accordingly. This may mean adjusting exercise time slightly, getting to sleep earlier, or just turning in for the evening a bit sooner each day. Watch your pet for cues to understand how they react to the changing season.

5. Keep candy and treats out of reach.

As the holidays approach in Autumn, everyone wants to feast! This is why it’s especially important that you provide your pet with healthy treats that they can eat without any risks, and keep the rest away. No Halloween candy or Thanksgiving leftovers for your pet. Keep in mind that human food is not good for your pet, and even the most well-intentioned preparation can negatively affect your pet’s health. Stick with pet food that is designed specifically for your pet, and purchase pet-specific treats and goodies if you want to spoil your pet during the holidays.

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