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Is Pet Chiropractic Just for Dogs and Horses? No—Cats Benefit, Too!
If you’re a cat owner, you may not have thought about taking your cat to the chiropractor. After all, chiropractic care is typically associated with dogs and horses – it’s common to see videos of massive horses receiving adjustments, or dogs getting chiropractic care, but very rare to see cats receiving chiropractic treatment. In fact, between cats’ purported “9 lives” and their flexible, slinky-like bodies, it can be easy to believe that cats have no need for chiropractic care. They can fit through nearly any space, they’re incredibly flexible, and their bodies just seem made to move in odd, 360-degree angles. The truth is, cats can benefit from chiropractic treatments, just like dogs, horses, and many other animals. Chiropractic care helps to keep your cat limber, healthy, and ageless. Here are other benefits of pet chiropractic for cats.

Preventive Care

Cats jump, leap, fall, and do other things that challenge their nine lives. Although they are resilient creatures, it’s important to give them the preventative care they need in order to stay healthy. A certified pet chiropractor can do a series of gentle manipulations on your cat’s spine to help realign any misalignments or vertebrae out of place caused by activities like jumping off furniture or slipping on the floor. This type of preventive care will ensure your cat stays in peak condition and allows them many healthy years of leaping, jumping, and doing all of the wild things that cats do!

Pain Relief

If your cat has already experienced pain or discomfort due to an injury or disease such as arthritis, chiropractic care can help alleviate it. It is important to note that cats cannot tell us when they are in pain, so it is difficult to recognize that something is wrong until it’s too late. A certified pet chiropractor can conduct an examination and create a treatment plan tailored specifically for your cat’s needs that may include manipulations and massage techniques which can help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

If your cat has been acting irritable, or behaving in a way that doesn’t seem normal, your cat may be in pain. It’s important to rule out the possibility that your cat is ill or severely injured. Once you’ve done that by visiting your cat’s veterinarian, the pet chiropractors of Tails Animal Chiropractic Care can step in. Pain relief is one of our most common reasons for treatment, and we’ve helped hundreds of pets get out of pain by providing gentle adjustments to their joints. Chiropractic adjustments for pets can decrease inflammation, allow nerve energy to circulate, and reduce muscle, ligament, and tendon tension. Cats, who are constantly leaping, jumping, and falling, benefit significantly from this type of care!

Improved Mobility

In addition to providing pain relief, a pet chiropractor can also help improve mobility in aging cats or those suffering from joint issues such as arthritis. The manipulation techniques used by a pet chiropractor will increase blood flow and circulation throughout the body, which helps reduce stiffness in joints and improves overall flexibility. This improved mobility will allow your cat to move around more easily without experiencing any pain or discomfort while doing so.

Cats are resilient creatures, but they still need preventive care, just like any pet! Chiropractic care is one way you can provide the best possible health for your feline friend. Not only does it provide pain relief, but also improved mobility, which allows them to live their life with ease and agility! So if you’re looking for ways to keep your beloved kitty healthy and happy—consider giving pet chiropractic a try.

How it Works

Ready to help give your cat a paw-up in health? Contact us today, either through out digital online form or by giving us a call. After a brief phone consultation, we will schedule an appointment at one of our locations nearest you. Then, one of our expert team of pet chiropractors, which includes Dr. Alisha Barnes, Dr. Molly Engen, and Dr. Laura Lane, will meet you and your feline and get started with treatment. Depending on the health goals that you have for your cat, your furry feline may benefit from a complete treatment plan that includes regularly scheduled visits, or may simply need the relief from a single visit. Whatever the case, our talented team of animal lovers is here to help—contact us today to get started, and help transform and improve your pet’s health for years to come!

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