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Discover the Benefits of Pet Chiropractic Care
At Tails Animal Chiropractic Care, we understand the importance of keeping your furry friends healthy and happy. We specialize in treating animals from all walks of life with a range of services from chiropractic care to massage therapy. So if your pet needs care because of an injury or because you want to ensure your pet is in the best health possible, we’re here to help. Let’s look at some of the ways that pet chiropractic can help your dog, cat, or horse.

Many pet owners don’t realize that their pets can benefit from chiropractic care. Pet chiropractic is a specialized form of animal care that helps to improve your pet’s mobility, health, and quality of life. At Tails Animal Chiropractic Care, we specialize in treating animals from all walks of life. Whether it’s an injury or just general maintenance, we’re here to help your pet feel its best. Here are some ways that pet chiropractic can help your pet.

What is Pet Chiropractic?

Pet chiropractic is a form of natural healing used by veterinarians and certified animal chiropractors to treat musculoskeletal problems in pets such as dogs, cats, and horses. It uses gentle adjustments to restore balance and alignment between bones and joints so that they are functioning properly. This helps reduce pain caused by inflammation and improves mobility. Regular visits can also help prevent future injuries and illnesses down the line.

The Benefits of Pet Chiropractic

At Tails Animal Chiropractic Care, we examine each pet when they come in for their appointment and determine their physical balance before providing them with adjustments to get them on their feet again. Here are some benefits that these adjustments can provide:

Improves Mobility

Adjustments can improve joint mobility and relieve stiffness for better movement overall. This is especially beneficial for active pets who may be suffering from soreness due to excessive activity or aging joints.

One of the primary benefits of pet chiropractic care is improved mobility. When our bodies are out of alignment, we experience pain and discomfort which makes it difficult for us to move around freely. The same is true for our pets – when their spines are out of alignment due to injury or age-related wear and tear, they can experience pain and stiffness which makes it difficult for them to move around comfortably. Through regular adjustments and realignment procedures, we can help restore your pet’s mobility and reduce pain associated with stiff joints or bones that have been misaligned due to injury or age-related wear and tear.

Reduces Stress

Another benefit of pet chiropractic is reduced stress levels in pets. Just like humans, animals can suffer from stress caused by environmental factors such as loud noises or unfamiliar environments. Through regular adjustments, we can help reduce stress levels in your pet by realigning their spine which allows them to relax more easily in stressful situations and reduce anxiety associated with loud noises or unfamiliar environments.

Adjustments can reduce inflammation-caused pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia as well as acute injuries like sprains or strains.

Improved Posture

Misalignments in the spine can lead to poor posture which can contribute to long-term health issues such as back pain or breathing difficulties. Regular adjustments can help keep your pet’s spine aligned for better posture overall.

Improves Health & Wellness

Finally, regular adjustments provided through pet chiropractic care can improve overall health and wellness in animals. By ensuring that your pet’s spine is properly aligned with each adjustment, we are helping to ensure that all parts of their body are functioning optimally which leads to improved health outcomes over time. Regular adjustments also promote relaxation in pets which helps them stay calm during times of stress and provides an overall sense of well-being for both you and your furry friend!

Increased Energy Levels

Proper spinal alignment helps increase energy levels by allowing oxygenated blood flow throughout the body more efficiently so that it reaches muscles faster resulting in improved performance during activities like running or playing fetch with greater endurance!

Pet Chiropractic in Boulder and Fort Collins, CO

At Tails Animal Chiropractic Care, we believe that all animals should receive the same level of care that humans do when it comes to maintaining optimal health and wellness. We offer a variety of services designed specifically for pets including regular adjustments as well as specialized treatments for injuries or other conditions related to age-related wear and tear on their bodies.

Whether you have an active pet who needs extra care after a long day outside, or one who could use some preventive maintenance before they start feeling any aches and pains, Tails Animal Chiropractic Care is here to help! We offer personalized treatments designed specifically for each individual animal based on their condition so that you can rest assured knowing that your beloved companion is getting the highest quality care available! Reach out today for more information about our services – we look forward to helping keep your furry friend healthy and happy!

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