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Vet or Dog Chiropractor - Which Should I Choose?The majority of people think that bringing their dog only to a veterinarian provides all the attention they need, but this is rarely the case. While veterinarians are experts in disease detection and treatment, they don’t specialize in promoting health.

While regular check-ups are important, they’re more about preventing sickness than enhancing wellness. Disease treatment, like all other medical procedures, is essentially treating your dog’s symptoms in order to alleviate their discomfort.

But are there any treatments or therapies available for people who want to improve their dog’s health to the next level or cure problems at the root cause? That’s when you should choose a dog chiropractor!

If you’re been asking yourself “vet or dog chiropractor, which should I choose?” then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about how a pet chiropractor can enrich your furry friend’s life!

Choose a pet chiropractor to support your dog’s best health

Your veterinarian wants to help your dog stay healthy and free from disease. Your dog’s chiropractor wants to help your dog be as healthy as possible and achieve their full potential. Your dog’s chiropractor will help to relieve pain at its source, assist your dog with their mobility, and assist them return to activities that result in weight loss or help reduce boredom-related eating.

While your veterinarian may only provide a general checkup for your dog and verify that “they’re in good health,” a dog chiropractor will ask the question: “How can they live well?”

Choose a pet chiropractor if you want your dog to have better physical performance

Dogs can live a variety of lifestyles, ranging from very sedentary to highly active. In either case, greater physical performance is desirable since it better prepares your dog for their lifestyle.

A dog that lives mostly at home and does not exercise much may benefit equally—if not more—from chiropractic therapy as a dog that goes out and runs frequently. Chiropractic adjustment may help your dog walk or run longer and with more ease.

In both cases, chiropractic therapy can provide a new inflow of blood to the entire body, relieve and massage individual nerve networks, and improve mobility and flexibility. The advantages of these procedures are relevant whether your dog spends most of its time jumping on and off of furniture, or running alongside you.

Choose a pet chiropractor if you want to improve your dog’s quality of life.

You’ve probably heard the adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This phrase means that taking preventative measures is better than trying to fix a problem after it has already happened.

This is a motto that your dog chiropractor understands well, as regular chiropractic treatment may help to improve excellent health in your dog while also providing a defensive function against future illnesses. Regular chiropractic therapy can assist small dogs keep their joints, discs, and nerves healthy by stopping impact-related degeneration while they run around and jump on furniture.

Chiropractic care can provide the same protective function in bigger dogs who are susceptible to bone deterioration, hip dysplasia, and other alignment-related abnormalities. Preventative measures are the best way to keep your pet healthy. Chiropractors who have experience with pets can help you do this by identifying problems before they get worse.

Choose a pet chiropractor if you want to increase your dog’s mobility

Your veterinarian will look for a disease, sickness, or external change if your dog appears sluggish and down. If none of these things are correct, however, there’s nothing more they can do.

This is where pet chiropractors set themselves apart from veterinarians. A pet chiropractor is sensitive to the overall state of your dog’s health, which includes their muscles, nerves, and joints. You may observe a significant uplifting influence on your dog’s demeanor by examining their gait, posture, and general energy levels and then giving them the appropriate treatment they need.

Chiropractic care will also change your dog’s attitude and the way they carry themselves. Following chiropractic treatment, your dog will frequently demonstrate enhanced mobility, head posture and position, energy and motion, and a significant increase in well-being.

Still not sure which to choose?

Veterinary care and chiropractic care are not the same, but they are definitely complementary. We do not recommend that you cease visiting your veterinarian for treatment—veterinary care is an important component of the overall picture in ensuring that your dog’s health is adequately safeguarded.

Why not appreciate the various advantages and varied services of both types of treatment rather than looking to replace one with the other?

Chiropractic treatment for pets aims to help you and your veterinarian keep your pet healthy by providing support. Chiropractic care helps your dog live a long, healthy life while also laying the groundwork for future health.

We recommend frequent visits to both your veterinarian and your dog’s chiropractor to help you care for them best. Your dog’s health will be thoroughly supported and strengthened for years to come when you allow both of these unique and important healthcare resources to work together.

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