Last Updated on September 7, 2023 by Dr. Alisha Barnes

Help Shelters Every Time You Walk Your Pup!

WoofTrax has launched their “Walk for a dog” app that allows users to log their daily walks with their pups and in return donates money to their favorite animal charity or shelter.   According to the WoofTrax website, $10,000 have been donated benefiting 4,000 rescue groups and shelters.

The more people that sign up for a specific shelter, the more money is donated to help animals in need.  The money distributed comes from sponsorship and advertising. Shelters that have signed up for the app are really excited for the potential it brings to help animals. Every cent counts!

Luna and I are donating our morning walks to Larimer County Animal Shelter! It definitely gives us a little extra pep in our step knowing we are doing something good for ourselves and for the animals around us!


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