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Spring Health Checklist for Your Dog

Spring is in the air and it is the perfect time for a little health clean up! With the warm weather right around the corner, we want to make sure your pup is tip top shape to enjoy all their upcoming adventures. Here is your Spring Health Checklist to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe for all their shenanigans.

Detox your cleaning products

That nice spring breeze coming through the open window can motivate just about anyone to do some deep cleaning and give the house a nice freshen up. However, those cleaning products can be very dangerous to your pet’s health. A lot of common household cleaners contain chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer, anemia, kidney and liver damage in pets. Yikes! But there is a way to keep your house sparkly clean and your pet healthy . . . non-toxic and all natural cleaners. There are tons available on the market that are effective without all the yucky stuff. You can even make your own cleaner with one part water, one part vinegar, some lemon rind and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Not only will your pet be safe, your house will smell great!

Get rid of plastic food bowls

Give your pet’s meal time a safety overall by switching out their plastic food bowls. Plastic food bowls can be destroyed and if those chunks of plastic are ingested, they could cause major problems for your sweet pup. Not only that but many food bowls are made out of low grade plastics that can leach into your pets food and water making them ill. The solution? Stainless steel or ceramic dishes. If you do opt for a ceramic dish, just make sure the company is upfront about what is in the glaze that they use as this can be another potential source of toxins.

Check your yard edging

As the snow is melting, it is a great time to take a peak around your yard and check your edging. Usually, this edging meant to partition portions of your yard is buried under the ground. However as the ground settles, the sharp metal edges can protrude and create a dangerous hazard for your pup. If your dog happens to step on this exposed edging, it can lead to a serious cut often requiring stitches and sometimes even surgery if they happen to cut a tendon. However, this yucky injury can be easily avoided with a quick scan of your yard. If you do discover some exposed edging, cover it up as best you can as a short term solution. For a more permanent fix, replace the edging with a pet safe variety that doesn’t have the sharp edges.

Give their body a Spring tune-up

The best way to prepare for all the upcoming warm weather fun is to make sure their body is in tip top shape. A quick exam by a certified animal chiropractor to check for alignment, sore or tight muscles, and overall joint motion can go a long way in preventing injuries and keeping them feeling their best. As they have been more cooped up over winter, their bodies may have stiffened up as a result. However, a simple check can alleviate those concerns and make sure they are ready for all the adventures ahead.

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