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What Does A Pet Chiropractor Do?

“Is a pet chiropractor a veterinarian?” “Do you have to go to school to become a pet chiropractor?” “What is a day in the life of a pet chiropractor like?” If the team at Tails Chiro Care had a penny for every time we heard these questions, we’d have a lot of pennies! Pet chiropractic is a lesser-known sibling of human chiropractic care, which is known for being the “back-cracking” treatment that people look for when they’re suffering from back pain. But just like with human chiropractic care, pet chiropractic is underestimated as a holistic form of treatment that can provide all sorts of benefits to your pet’s life. Read on to learn what those are!

Is a pet chiropractor a veterinarian?

No! A pet chiropractor is not the same as a veterinarian, and education for pet chiropractors and veterinarians is different. Veterinarians work on all of the body systems of your pet, and are deeply familiar with the internal workings of your pet’s anatomy, organs, diseases and illnesses, and metrics related to your pet’s weight, bloodwork, and nutrition. Veterinarians may prescribe medications, perform or refer your pet for surgery, and put your pet on a specific diet.

Pet chiropractors, on the other hand, are focused on one main body system in your pet: that’s the neuro-musculoskeletal system, which is a combination of your pet’s nervous system, muscular system, and skeletal system. The neuro-musculoskeletal system controls a lot of what your pet is capable of doing physically, and it’s also responsible for a lot of your pet’s behavior.

Pet chiropractors will assess and adjust your pet’s neuro-musculoskeletal system during each appointment. This means that they will look at the way your pet walks, stands, moves, sits, turns its head, and more. From there, your pet chiropractor will use their expertise, as well as insight from you, to determine how your pet’s health can be improved. After adjusting your pet’s neuro-musculoskeletal system, you can expect all kinds of improvements in your pet’s comfort levels, agility, and behavior. Our pet owners typically report that their pets are calmer, more alert, exhibit a more positive mood, sleep better, are out of pain, and have restored mobility and movement.

So, in short, while pet chiropractors are not veterinarians, they offer a completely different sort of care than veterinarians do—and neither should replace the other.

Your veterinarian will ensure that your pet’s internal health is up to par, that their bloodwork is clear, that their weight and diet are ideal for their health, and that they are protected from diseases. Your pet chiropractor will ensure that your pet is mobile, that their nervous system is regulated, and that they feel calm and possess an overall sense of well-being. Like veterinarians, pet chiropractors can help at all stages of life, from early life to senior or palliative care.

Do you have to go to school to become a pet chiropractor?

Absolutely, yes! In fact, pet chiropractors must hold a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic Care or a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. These degrees will only be considered valid if they come from accredited institutions, In addition to these rigorous and in-depth educations, pet chiropractors must receive state licensure and pass an intensive exam that proves their practical, hands-on skills.

What is a day in the life of a pet chiropractor like?

While every pet chiropractor is different, at Tails Chiro Care, our team of talented pet chiropractors all shares a similar schedule—wake up and work with animals! Our team loves animals, so we may see a variety of different species and breeds on any given day. Our expert pet chiropractors see pets throughout the day at our offices in Fort Collins, Windsor, Boulder, and Broomfield. We also make home visits! A day in the life of a chiropractor means seeing a variety of pets and providing each of them with completely unique treatment.

Best Pet Chiropractor in Denver, CO

If you’re looking for pain relief for dogs, Fort Collins, Windsor, Boulder, and Broomfield are areas that Tails Chiro Care is proud and excited to serve. We don’t just treat dogs, we treat many different kinds of pets! Contact us today to talk about whether our expert pet chiropractors treat your pet. Our team of talented, passionate pet chiropractors is standing by, ready to provide your furry friend with powerful holistic care that will help keep them healthy and happy. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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